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Merry Kissmus, Lincoln!

Merry Kissmus, Lincoln! is the second book in the “Lincoln McCarthy” series featuring a laberdoodle lawyer who helps solve problems for friends, clients and children. Lincoln’s niece, Autumn, loves “Kissmus” and when Lincoln asks her to tell him about the birth of Jesus, Autumn’s version sends Lincoln reeling. Autumn thinks the shepherds found out about Jesus’ birth via WiFi and took Ubers to Bethlehem while the angels (God’s “paper towels”) clean up messes people make on Earth. Lincoln finally hauls Autumn onto his lap and reads to her from the Book of Luke setting her straight about the Christ child’s birth. This story demonstrates how little children make sense of new information while broadening their vocabularies with limited background knowledge which can sometimes lead to misconceptions. Children and adults will both be enlightened by this fun Christmas story.