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“It appears E. B. Fletcher has done it again and created a nascent collection to rival Dr. Seuss. Not only is her work—Lincoln McCarthy, Attorney at Law—fun and whimsical, it is indeed educational with a strong moral lesson. I’m sure this series will delight parents and their children. As a professional educator, E. B. Fletcher helps readers grow and learn, as she provides a listing of new terms for early readers to stretch their imaginations and help expand their vocabularies” (Charlie Finley, senior editor, Verbatim Editing, Richmond, VA).

“This book teaches a lesson of integrity depicted in a way that every child will adore. It addresses situations with humor and suspense using animals that children love and can relate to. This book not only has a moral but it could also be used to teach prepositions. This is a great book for all to enjoy” (Tina Becouvarakis, third-grade teacher, Hampton, VA).

“Lincoln McCarthy, Attorney at Law is an amazing story for teaching personification through a great storyline and fun characters” (Alicia Reeves, fourth-grade teacher and UVA graduate student).

“Agree with canine jurisprudence and your take on lawyers. Thought-provoking for big and little kids” (Steve Moore, UVA law graduate and Hampton lawyer [retired]).

Legally funny!” (RonThomason, UVA law graduate and Norton lawyer [retired]).